Challenge Accepted: 80 Days Around Data!

Buckle up, we are going on an adventure! Yes, you heard it right, I’m starting something brand new and I’m gonna take you with me. Probably most of you have heard the famous #66daysofdata challenge by Ken Jee. I’ve been following the hashtag for sometime and I recently joined the discord server as well. (Such a great and welcoming community!) After some planning and resource hunting, finally I’m starting!!

In case you haven’t heard the challenge, let me summarize the gist. Dou you know something called the 1% Principle? Well, according to this rule,even the slightest improvements matter a lot when we do it constantly. So to get better at what we want to do, we should study, for at least 5 mins a day for a period of time. By the way, your subject doesn’t have to be just related to data. Choose anything you want to get better at, invest in yourself, you will definitely succeed!!

The 1% Principle (click to read the article about it)

I will also adjust the challenge for myself in some ways. I’m not gonna stick with 66 days, my plan is to go for 80 days and I’m gonna call this as an adventure rather than a challenge. Inspired from one of my favorite books as a child, Jules Verne — Around The World in 80 Days. Just like Mr. Fogg (the main character of the book), we will explore the depths and breadths of data world.


I plan to study for at least an hour/day. I will use free and accessible resources throughout the process. I will share my daily update and resources through here. I plan to collect and share some interesting nuances that caught my attention here.

Let’s spread the knowledge and motivation, explore the data world together! Are you with us?

Hi! I‘m an industrial engineer passionate about data science and machine learning. I’m here because best way to learn something is to teach it.Hope you enjoy!

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